Salman Raspberry Ranch In The News

Salman Ranch has wonderful horse hay for sale, filled with three different types of grass and alfalfa.  It sells for $8.00 a bale.

Savor the West’s Best Berries

Celebrate the harvest with Blackberry Hazelnut Honey Crisp, Raspberry Fool, and Blueberry Sorbet. Plus: favorite u-pick farms Read more »

Raspberry Fields Forever

New Mexico’s Indian summer brings succulent raspberries, ripe and ready to pick straight from the cane. Read more »

The ‘Other’ Las Vegas Charms Visitors With Laid-Back Appeal

For a relaxing, fun experience in late summer/early fall, head north to La Cueva for a visit to the Salman Ranch, a family-owned business that's a favorite stop for visitors. Read more »

Fall Guide 2007: Raspberry Foray

The drive to Mora takes approximately 1½ hours from Santa Fe, but it's one of the prettiest and most peaceful trips in the state. The route along I-25 north winds through deep canyons, dark green pinon forests and grassy plains. Read more »

La Cueva Mill

The old adobe mill compex, built in the 1850's of adobe brick on a rock foundation, was part of a large shipping center for livestock and agricultural products. The mill ground flour for many families in the Mora Valley and the La Cueva area. The mill itself generated electricity through 1949 and today is in good condition and has extensive storage buildings Read more »

Refuge At The Ranch

The Salman family stewards one of New Mexico's finest territorial estates into the 21st century. Read more »

Cool Ranch Flavor

The Salman Ranch near Mora still thrives as a font of fruit and a sanctuary of serenity. Read more »

Media Inquiries

If you need assistance with information related to Salman Ranch, please contact:

Frances Koenig, Managing General Partner
(575) 387-2900

Telling A Story

Numerous articles have been written about various aspects of Salman Ranch and the La Cueva Historic Site.  All who visit are captured by one or more of its photographic subjects:

  • The quaint Store housed in the old Mercantile Building
  • The U Pick It Raspberry Field ladden with delicious red berries
  • The Acequia which winds through the Grist Mill and under the highway near the Cafe and the Nursery
  • The abundance of plant life in the Garden
  • The Mission Church of San Rafael with its cathederal windows and its historic simplicity

Depending upon the pleasure of the authors, various aspects of this historic setting have been chosen by them to share with their readers.